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Matt started his trade whilst working for Manumission as head of PR at Bar M in Ibiza back in 95’. After playing a few times at BarM and blagging his way onto the decks at Space and pulling off a reasonably good set, he realised that Djing was in his blood.

He secured some bar residencies in the UK in the winter of 95’/96’, then planned his Ibiza assault. His first residency was at Kanya, Ibiza in 1996 and 97. This famed “day time session” bar was a popular hang out for the Islands promoters and other DJ’s. This is where he practised his talents as a “slightly crazy” dj and nurtured his Funky, sexy music style.

He was then hired by Dan Prince ( Mixmag) and Sundissential to stand in for Alistair Whitehead after he missed his plane. Matt also warmed up for Sasha at Pacha, one of his most memorable gigs.
Moneypenny's then took Matt under their wing as a regular in the back room and then onto the main room. Warming up for the likes of John Kelly, Norman Jay, Lord G, Eric Morillo and Jeremy Healy in 97’ and 98’.

Both Submission and Decadence had Matt playing regularly at the nights held at Ibiza’s glamorous club, El Divino in 98’. He also was a regular on the Amnesia terrace for Gatecrasher and the local Spanish nights. He played for Charlie Chester in both Ibiza for Mezzanine and back in the Uk before touring in South Africa in 1999.

After several SA tours, some with Decadence's Rob James (no relation) he was offered a residency at the Infamous star/celeb super club, Rhodes House in Cape Town in 2001. It is from here he forged a reputable name, playing almost every single club in the country as well as all the major UK Club tours that visited. Miss MoneyPenny's, Ministry of Sound, The Judge Jules weekend and the Official Jamiroquai Concert after party in JoBurg with Smokin Jo. He was also resident at Cape Towns famous LAB Bar. Matt took the bar to new highs in 2002 making it Cape Towns most popular and busiest funky house venue.

He then started doing regular slots on South Africa’s second biggest radio stations Good Hope FM with local star Nick E Louder where his wacky humour and mental behaviour earned him local fame and a place in the Capetonian history books.

Matt came back to the UK in 2005 playing alongside his friends, including Jeremy Healy,Graeme Park, REZA, Rob James,Lisa Loud, Alistair Whitehead and others at events across the country, including Fakin The Funk, Decadance in Birmingham and Plymouth.

He also toured with LOVE with numerous events in Poland, Berlin, Hamburg, Helsinki, and Miami NYE with Danny Rampling in 2007/8.

Now a London Resident and regular DJ for ABSTRACT(EGG) STYLUS,Golddust,Sinners and playing at clubs across the UK, Europe and also further afield including Thailand, South Africa, USA (Los Angeles,Miami) and many more..

2010 saw another Tour in South Africa with numerous SINNERS events and Charity gigs for The Bright Kid Foundation.....
Playing at Chevelle, St Yves, THE BAY HOTEL,Club 121, 31 the ABSA building, Space Bar-Long St, Nu Bar-Somerset West, TRINITY-The new super club as well as Durban and Johannesburg..........

SINNERS are planning a Global website launch tour

Global events dates TBC but the official IBIZA Launch is Sept 5th 6th 7th and 8th...... Uk launch at McQueen in Shoreditch in October.

Gigs at Hed Kandi, Clockwork Orange UK/Ibiza, McQueens-London, Juicy Tunes -UK, Time Tunnel-Southampton, Cafe Ole (Space Ibiza), House of Wolf, The White Box-Chelsea and many more including the French Alps for 2018/2019. Check out the events page.

Keep an eye out on the Events page for future gigs and more SINNERS events........ Hope to see you there.

Also watch out for the new release of his 2nd track "Do Ya" with Dj Michael Angelo and th "Sinners Remix with Retchid......

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Matt James, Danny Rampling - "Sinful Sessions" with Guest International DJ Mr Danny Rampling Matt James, Danny Rampling sites/default/files/Sinful Sessions show 7 Gramma Funk.mp3
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DJs Michael Angello and Matt James *SINNERS Retchid Re Mix by Brook Williams/Matt James - Do Ya! SINNERS RETCHID IBIZA MIX DJs Michael Angello and Matt James *SINNERS Retchid Re Mix by Brook Williams/Matt James
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