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Born in Denver, Colorado in the northeast neighborhood of Park Hill on May 3rd 1974, DJ Whizlam has always had music in his life. DJ Whizlam was raised on the sounds of the 70's greats like Zapp featuring Roger Troutman, Maze, Bob James, Cameo, Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament-Funkadelic and others.

Already a fan of "tha funk", young Whizlam's musical world was turned upside down in 1978 when he saw the rock band KISS on television for the first time. From that moment on, KISS served as Whizlam's primary inspirational influence. A natural born DJ/Producer, young Whizlam would spin records at parties that his mother would hold almost every weekend.

He reveled in the ability to make people change their moods by the music he would play, and also how he had the whole party under his command. This love for being the sound party provider reached its climax in the winter of 1979 when Whizlam heard the hip hop classic "Rapper's Delight" for the very first time. From that day forward, Whizlam would spend the next 6 years learning more about the culture of Hip Hop.

Whizlam cites "Leader of The Pack" by UTFO featuring Mixmaster Ice, as the deciding factor in him choosing the turntables as opposed to the microphone in 1985. He saw the DJ as the most important element in Hip Hop just as the founding forefathers intended. Other major DJ influences include; Grandmaster Flash, Terminator X, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Magic Mike, DJ Sugar Shaft & DJ Quik.

After his middle school years from 1987-88, Whizlam moved from Park Hill to the area of Montbello. During high school, Whizlam made a name for himself spinning at house parties & clubs all around Denver (91-94). It was around this time where Whizlam took the leap from DJ to producer (97-present). It is from the diverse list of geniuses listed above that helped mold Whizlam's unique production style and sound.

Even though he's remained underground throughout his entertainment career, DJ Whizlam has become one of the most sought after djs from Denver ever. Whizlam has worked with many of Denver's hottest funkateers and a few others nationwide including:

" Muzik Two Frye Bye"- Wood Dogg Tha Funk Meista (funkateer /producer from Fresno,CA) 2006
"The Unexpected"- Blindcyde (funkateerz from Denver) 2003
"6 Eleven 7 Five"- Slimbo 2003,
Mr. Groove (rap artist from Texas)2002
and many other local Hip Hop and R&B artists.

DJ Whizlam wants to continue building his reputation as a real dj, and to continue packing dance floors nationwide for years to come.


The Boulder Fox Theater

The Boulder Theater


The Black Arts Festival

Met Radio 88.3fm

Eclipse 88.5fm

Metro State College of Denver

Montbello High School

George Washington High School

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Club Incognito

Coors Amphitheater (aka Fiddler’s Green)

Club Bobo’s

Club Lynx

Colorado State University


The Walnut Room

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