Seb Fontaine (born Jean Sebastian Fontaine,[1] 14 July 1970) is an English house music DJ.

Fontaine had his first DJ gig at Crazy Larry's on the Kings Road, London, but he soon progressed to residency at the Fridge in Brixton in 1989.[2]

Having worked at various other clubs in London (Subteranea, Billion Dollar Babes), he eventually became a resident DJ at one of the UK's largest club nights at Cream,[3] and also went on to feature at its Ibiza nights.

In 2000, he joined BBC Radio 1 as a specialist dance DJ, hosting a weekly show, as well as broadcasts from Radio 1 outside broadcasts in Ibiza,[4] before leaving in 2004.

He has also released a number of records, predominantly mix albums,[5] and acted as a remix producer on tracks including the Outhere Brothers.[1] He is also associated with the brand Type which he has used for naming both club nights and album releases.

He continues his reign on House around the globe and can be seen at many, many "old Skool" promotion events as well as new promotions too and can still bang a room to peices ..

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