Producer/ Dj from Birmingham Alabama


A featured remix of the hit song “Never Die” by the Young Punx on the Young Punx Podcast - later signed to Mofohifi Records as an Official Remix.

The Never die remix was later released on the Electrofunkindiscobreakin Ep along side Remix's by Fatboy Slim,John B,Krafty Kuts, Shinichi Osawa and many other top named producers and dj's in the Business.

Radio play on Big City Beats Radio in Germany, Radio Play on the Anna Kiss - Lip Locked on KissFm

An Mc Lars collaboration track featured on G4 as part of the promotional campaign for American Ninja, his song “Something Wicca This Way Comes” can be heard on the "21 Concepts" album being released by Mc Lars.

LW Recordings featured his Original Track "Jumpa" on their Future House Classics Volume 3 alongside names like Mark Knight and Funk Agenda.

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Universal,Mofohifi,Urban Sickness Audio,Ogligio,Crappy,Horris
,PWM,Pure Logic,LW Recordings,2MR2 Records,Redsea Trance Records,MK837 Records.

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United States
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sites/default/files/Retchid @ Kingdom Rave Atlanta GA 9-21-12.mp3
Retchid - Retchid@Kingdom Rave Atlanta Ga 9-21-12 Retchid sites/default/files/Rock & Roll Affair (Master).mp3
Retchid - Rock and Roll Affair(Original Mix) Retchid sites/default/files/Intruder (Master).mp3
Retchid - Intruder(Original Mix) Retchid sites/default/files/MJ REMIX DONE.mp3
Retchid - Matt James and Dj Micheal Angello- Do Ya(Sinners Retchid Ibiza Mix)REDSEATRANCE RECORDS Retchid sites/default/files/RETCHID-Sax Grinder(Original Mix).mp3
Retchid - Sax Grinder (Original Mix) Retchid sites/default/files/RETCHID-Sax Grinder(Original Mix)_0.mp3
Retchid - Sax Grinder(Original MIx) Retchid sites/default/files/Breaking Down (Master).mp3
Retchid - Breaking Down(Original Mix) Retchid
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