Fabricio Abreu

Fabricio Abreu
Living in Argentina he worked on Television and Radio shows on the Latest Hits and Jet set News. Also, he produced his first record for David DJ. and performed as a guest Dj in some important night Clubs. By the middle of 90s, Fabricio decided to travel to the other side of the Atlantic and met some American Djs who led him to be involved as a guest DJ on tour events such as: House Parties which took him to locations like Miami Beach, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Fabricio start traveling and working around the world specially in Europe having the chance to meet Dee Jays from different countries and have the opportunities to work and do some appearances in some Europeans Clubs, Festivals, Radio Stations and Tours, along side of some celebrated DJs. Today, Fabricio still loves to mix travel with work, which allows him to get involved with different musical cultures. He also enjoy producing and recording his own music, as well as doing so for other DJs and Musicians

Special events as guest Disc Jockey among others such as:

- Ministry of Sound- Dj Academy - England
- Brown's Disco Pub - Malta
- Dj Techconference- Amsterdam- Holland
- Jhonny's Night Club- Juan Lacaze- Uruguay
- Paradise Beach- Mykonos Greece
- House parties for TOTAL company from Holland- Greece
- House parties for ASUS company from Chec Republic - Greece and Croatia
- Beach Electronic Music Festival- Uruguay
- Creamfields - Buenos Aires- Argentina- (invited by agency)
- Southfest- Buenos Aires- Argentina-(invited by agency)
- House Sessions with Dj Gino Latino from Radio Station Torino- Italy
- Studio 2000 La Romana Domenican Republic
- House sessions with dj Jane from Germany
- IFB from France-Megaparty with dj Paul and dj Antoine- Norway
- Ministry of Sound tour and Divas and Pop Star show - Palma de Mallorca -Spain
- Italo house party with Franceso dj from New York-USA
- Tamtra Disco- Colonia- Uruguay
- El Galpon Night Club Colonia-Uruguay
- Nivel - Barcleona Spain
- Travel Sea group with dj Williams- Miami- USA
- Open Music Festival Copenhagen Denmark
- Peguisu- Puerto Rico - USA
- House and trance sessions for Superbowl group from New York Miami
- Venezolana de Television- Caracas Venezuela
- Fashion- Colonia Uruguay
- Nanday and Charly - Buenos Aires-Argentina
- Crazy Boys- Colonia Uruguay
- House Party with dj Giorgio from CFMT TV station from Canada- Miami
- Production for DJ David, M&M records-Buenos Aires- ARGENTINA
- Veranisimo TV show- Cordoba Argentina
- Frecuencia Clever FM radio show- Cordoba- ARGENTINA
- Discosteques en AM- Radio show- Nueva Helvecia-Uruguay
- Costa Cruise LIne-dj -Italy

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