A keen, enthusiastic, hardworking mix music DJ based in south London with my own industry standard equipment and full public liability insurance. I have been perfecting my craft for over 3 years, playing in venues across London as well as private and corporate events.

I love music and play anything I can get my hands on which sounds good. My music library consists of over 44,000 handpicked songs ready for any occasion.
As an open platform DJ my style is structured around taking people on a musical journey, selecting the right songs at the right time, adapting to the audience and playing for the crowd, remixing songs from different styles of music on the go.

I am versatile DJ playing/mixing music from around the world. Offering you the opportunity to hire an experienced DJ with a professional approach.

Music: Open Format Mix Music DJ
Charts - Mainstream - R&B - HipHop - UK Garage - Reggae - House - Bollywood - Bhangra Funky - 70s80s90s - Funk – MO town - Dance/POP Classics - Afro Beats - Dancehall Urban dance floor Anthems - Arabic - Jungle - D&B - Bashment - UK Grime - Slow Jams

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United Kingdom
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