Over the last 15 years I've been lucky enough to Dj at many of the best clubs in London including FABRIC, PACHA, SOSHO, EGG, 54, M.O.S, CENTRO/THE DEN (AKA THE END), PLAN B, EAST VILLAGE, CABLE, HERBAL, THE KEY, DRIVER, LOST ANGEL, 1001, SHOREDITCH HOUSE as well as many U.K underground clubs such as STUDIO 11, WHIPPING HOUSE and as far a field as Hong Kong, Turkey, Russia, Georgia and the Philippines. I'm currently resident at Can't Stop Won't Stop, 22 Below & Lowlife. (Check full venue list at the foot of the page) Through these many DJ experiences I've learned a lot about making a crowd move or just creating the right soundscape for the evening. I love what i do and cant ever imagine doing anything else.
My musical tastes range from everything from early Motown, Jazz , Blues to Hip Hop, Soul, Ska, Drum and Bass, House, Minimal & Techno... over the years I've collected well over 10,000 records!! These are all styles which I regularly play out. Big love goes out to everyone who has supported me over the years and continue to do so! Big respect to you! Here's how it all started...
In 1989 i had my first real musical influence watching a 1988 DMC MIXING FINALS video tape, on this i saw the amazing cutting & scratching skills of Dj CASH MONEY. This inspired me to become a disk jockey. In 1991 i got my first decks, an all in one with rotary knobs and no pitch controls plus 30 ACID HOUSE & HARDCORE BREAKBEAT records. Among these were "House Is Mine" on Rising High, "Edge 1" & early work from BLAME.
In 1992 I began playing at illegal parties in unused warehouses in LINCOLN. After a few years Djing & sneaking into Raves i decided to move to NOTTINGHAM.
Djs i followed like CARL COX, COLIN DALE, Dj HYPE etc were going in different musical directions like TECHNO, JUNGLE & HAPPY HARDCORE. I preferred the darker stuff played by HYPE, GROOVERIDER, KENNY KEN, LTJ BUKEM & GOLDIE etc. At 17 i promoted D & B parties in Nottingham at clubs such as the SKY CLUB, THE LENTON & THE HOUSE. Through these i met the Sherwood Forest rave promoters FREEK BROS & PE.2 CREWS. I moved to London in 1996 via a short stay in MILTON KEYNES.
When i lived in EC1, i got word of a new club opening called FABRIC. I got a job there, & a year later the head of Promotions offered me a position promoting the club & looking after the Djs & performers on Club nights on Friday & Saturday nights. Through this i met a lot of my inspirations like GROOVERIDER, GOLDIE, COLIN DALE, CARL COX, PESHAY, RAY KEITH, HYPE & DAVE ANGEL & Nu Skool Djs like HIGH CONTRAST, FRESH, & CLIPZ. Due to a cancellation by DJ legend FABIO in 2001, i was asked to fill in. My set went down well & brought a lot of positive feedback. FABRIC then made me resident DJ on Fridays for FABRICLIVE. Since then i haven't looked back & have djed at many of London's top bars & clubs playing all different genres of music, lately I've been playing a lot of Minimal, House & Techno around the top clubs in the capital such as EGG, SOSHO, THE DRIVER, CAFE 1001, CABLE and at such promotions as CANT STOP WONT STOP, BREAKFAST @ EGG & SUPERNOVA. I'm currently in the studio at the moment working on my first genre busting album... coming late 2010.
The Future Is Bright... better pack the sunglasses then!

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