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"Music is who I am, the rest is what I do" DJ Amy dB

DJ Amy dB is renowned as the top current femme DJ/producing artist from the city that gave the world house music, Chicago. She just concluded her fourth world tour around 8 international cities that take music seriously and have started another tour for 3 of her EP releases this coming October on number 2 HOUSE DJ legend Ron Carroll's label. She holds residencies at some of the world's top venues and is signed with some of the globe's top record labels for underground music: Funkfield located in the UK and Turkey, Senso Recordings Ibiza , as well as So Fresh Records Hollywood. Having held residencies all over Chicago, the city of house, she boasts rotational residencies in Tel Aviv, London, Bethlehem, Cancun, Miami, etc and soon will hone in Barcelona, Dubai and Bucharest, and Cairo. She Djed with demigod Paul Oakenfold whilst on his Madonna tour in the USA. Her mentor is top global number ONE DJ in deep and progressive House DJ Hernan Cattaneo and is selected by him to be his opener in Chicago. She has been prospected by the same manager of Tiesto from his 2001-2006 years, as well as by DJ Jesse Saunders - one of the fathers of house - as potential managers. In this past year alone, she has been catching the eyes of HUGE players in the industry like Columbia Music Globe as agency and record label too.
Other DJ names she also deejayed with include Pete Tong, DJ Rap, Dave Dresden, Oakie, Paul Johnson, Teri Bristol, Ron Carroll, Swedish House Mafia, Steve Aoki etc .

Her art is versatile and mastered, fomenting her to capture accolades as the official DJ for the opening and closing parties for Ultra and Winter Music Conference Miami 2014 , as she played for the owners as well DJs like Tiesto, Kevin Saunderson, Paul Johnson.

Official BIO:
"Music is who I am; the rest is what I do." Her proprietary mantra imbues all of DJ Amy dB’s essence. DJ Amy dB boasts an ostensibly comprehensive corpus of work and talent relating to music, starting in the foundational years of her life. Now considered as Chicago’s most respected mixing deejays and musical artists, Amy started her music career at the precocious age of five whilst joining her grade school’s chorus and taking up piano lessons. Her talent in voice and musicianship shone throughout her pubescent and adolescent years as she received extensive solo work and accolades naming her the top singer in elementary, middle, and high school proper. She was invited to sing in the State of Illinois’ prestigious All State Choir and All-State Honor’s Choir during her junior and senior years in high school, and was named second place Soprano in all of the State of Illinois during her senior year. Propelled with this momentum, Amy matriculated into Northwestern University pursuing three degrees and joining the honor level choirs of University Singers under the infamous Lyric Operatic Bass singer Bruce Hall, as well as the University Chorale under directorship of legendary Maestro Dr. Robert Harris who head the Operatic Music Department of the esteemed oratorio of Northwestern University for over 35 years. Her opera and voice teacher Natasha Lyashenko, one of the globe’s leading sopranos with tours in Russia, Paris Opera House, and the Lyric Opera of Chicago, heads the Northwestern University Chamber Choir where Amy still sings today within venues that range from the Chicago Symphony Center, Millennium Park, Carnegie Hall, and Lyric Opera House to name a few.

Upon graduating university, Amy lived pure and true to her aims of becoming a modern Renaissance woman and integrated her musical art with the quotidian and entrepreneurial affairs in her life. She proceeded to found and head the Music and Nightlife section of the notorious “social biblos” of Chicago, Chicago Scene Magazine under the publication of social media maven Ted Widen. There she introduced the ever growing yet fledgling scene of house, dance, and electronica within the American mainstay social forefront, and brought names like Oakenfold, van Dyk, Chemical Brothers, Gabriel and Dresden, Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Nick Warren, Hernan Catanneo, and Ferry Corsten to the music headline page, years well before they became globally famous. Her pioneering insight and visceral fortitude help hinge her vision in educating the masses about true artist talent and purity of musical essence. She grew famous for her firm and oftentimes vocal grounding on music, impelling celebrated music producers like John Curley of Pure Future productions and Vince Lawrence of Slang Music Studios to retain her services as consult for an indefinite time. Fostering strong relationships with top global deejays gave rise to her esteemed reputation as a social VIP and maven, impelling top local artists and deejays to employ her as their manager over the years, and all bolstering Amy to solidify top residencies around the country and secure performances at the world famous BPM festival in Mexico and Winter Music Conference in Miami as well. With the mentorship of longest standing deejay Chris Walsh, along with top state of the art video mixologist Mark Centennial, Amy took it upon herself to start deejaying after witnessing the decline of music caliber across the country. Learning on vinyls and mastering CDJ and MP3 mixing, Amy schooled herself deejaying all genres of music, including symphonic, jazz, retro, hard rock, downtempo, international, ambient, house and of course, true electronica including progressive, breaks, drum n bass, trance, and minimum tech house. She has held several top residences across the city, including Pump Room, Jellyfish, Ivy Hotel, Crimson Lounge, YBar, Stone Lotus, Martini Ranch and deejayed in almost every hotel, lounge, club or music venue, such as Underground, Smart Bar, Vision, and the Hard Rock Hotel to name a few. She has played in Las Vegas and in Miami’s Winter Music Conference, as well as Chicago’s Lollapalooza during its inception year.

Having just culminated her world tour in October and November 2013 whereby Amy deejayed at 7 international music meccas, spanning from the UK, Germany, Israel, Palestine, Amy had also deejayed in Mexico and Canada, and has opened for top deejays like Derrick Carter, Steve Aoki, Paul Johnson, Teri Bristol, Ron Carroll, Chris Walsh, DJ Rap, Psychobitch, and Dave Dresden, and just recently has accomplished a feat like no other, that is, deejaying with the legendary godfather of electronica who tours with Madonna, Paul Oakenfold, in not one but three Midwest cities! She prides in having garnered world residencies and invitations to play at music, fashion, and entertainment festivals globally.

All this and Amy successfully launched the only PRIMETIME radio house and dance show in the history of Chicago, a segment of the long standing and globally acclaimed “Streetbeat on WNUR,” which featured top deejays Mark Farina, Teri Bristol, Ralphi Rosario, and Frankie Knuckles to boot. She called her primetime installment, Global Rebirth Sessions with DJ Amy Db, where she features legendary artists like Teri Bristol and plays house and international dance music herself. Her radio show is one of the most talked about installments of WNUR as well as on radio majorium. Celebrated radio personality Eddie V (Volkmann) applauds her and is known to bring his wife Amber and friends to see Amy deejay live.

Amy prides in her own corpus of production and remix work as well as her famed “live mashup” selections and spontaneous collaborative mixed productions. As a true artist, she composes all styles of music, including international, jazz, symphonic, house and electronica.

You can catch Amy on her weekly radio show on WNUR - 89.3 FM Chicago or streamed live globally, as well as see and hear her music live at one of the top hotels in the U.S. according to Zagat and Gayot rankings, top restaurants and lounges, venues ostensibly hosting myriad repeat patrons, tourists, and local and international celebrities each single day. She has played at almost every venue in Chicago, from Spybar and Soundbar to top lounges such as the Pump Room, YBar, Vertigo, Crimson, the Mid etc.

For social media updates, check her Facebook page, DJ Amy dB, which boasts more than 23,000fans, and to hear her recordings of her live radio and club sets, visit and search for Amy dB.

All in all, Amy has packed decades of experience all in her thirty something years of life single handedly on her own merits and talent. No agent, no manager, no branding or marketing, no press releases, no photo shoots, Her exuberant personality and her unwavering passion for purity in artistry and truth in musical essence has solidified her as top female deejay in Chicago by the most reputable artists, critics, magazines, and industry mavens like Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Chris Walsh, Dave Dresden, Gene Farris, Teri Bristol, Psychobitch, Paul Johnson, and Ron Carroll as testament to her talent and passion.

Mentor and fellow music advocate Hernan Cattaneo, number one DJ in the genre of deep and progressive house worldwide, provides her with consistent spiritual and mental support, along with avid endorsement from the father of House himself, DJ Jesse Saunders.

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