Darren Dynamikz (23 Records LDN)

23 Records owner Darren Dynamikz is a Techno, Electronic House DJ and Producer from London U.K.

Darren started DJing late 80s, early 90s on Missile Sound System playing Reggae/ Bashment. Then in 1991 he found himself playing Jungle and Drum n Bass which led him to manage the Drum n Bass department at Unity Records (Soho).

It was at that point he met up with Renegade Hardware. After Unity closed its doors for good, Darren then found himself working part time at Blackmarket Records (BM SOHO). When not working in the store, he would be in the Hardware studios learning the Akai S3000 sampler and Djing as part of Future Forces who later became Bad Company along with chart topping DJ Fresh. He has played at most of London’s Clubs along with the underground after hour parties. Now has his own Imprint.. 23 Motion Records

After leaving the Hardware camp, Darren now confident in the studio starts producing under the artist name Leo, which is his birth sign and had releases on various Drum n Bass labels.

In 1996 Darren tries his hand at different music genres by making Garage tracks for labels such as E1 records, Times Two Recordings and Nice and Ripe. This lands him a job as a sound engineer for Broadley Studios and Pure Silk Records. Where he worked with artist Ms Dynamite, So Solid Crew, Lemar and Pied Piper and The Click to name but a few.

In 2002 after achieving a BSc hons at Worcester Tech University, Darren moved to Marbella, Spain, where he once again, finds himself at the studio mixing desk, this time at, Seabreeze Productions. Not only engineering in the studio Darren, was also involved with assisting and working on concerts for artist Lenny Kravits, Elton John and Jamiroquai. Whilst working at Seabreeze, Darren was also Djing on the Marbella circuit and found himself being drawn more and more towards House music as he was playing Hip-Hop. "There was a gap, and I filled it. But! at the same time, I was feeling this new wave of House music coming out" he recalls.

Once back on his home turf, London. Darren decided to continue down this path of House music, what with the change in how music was now being sold, the likes of Beatport and Traxsource, helped. Darren then started to carve his way down the dark Techno/ House tunnel and hasn't looked back since.

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