Chub Taylor

Chub Taylor was influenced & inspired in his home city - Cape Town by local artists & also international.

After spending many fastidious hours aggregating tracks and exploring the depths of the electronic music scene. Only then his unique electronic sound was developed. "Flow Motion" could describe his sets which are methodically & diligently put together depending on the event from a curated vast "record box".

If it was not for the early days were Chub Taylor spend much of his time by being a patron at events he would off never known, "what comes through a sound system is what is most important."

Above everything else he wanted to deliver the right song at the right moment to best crowd, persisting for more & driving them out of their minds. This is him at his best & happiest behind the decks.

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South Africa
Cape Town
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Chub Taylor - Spring Loaded - ChubTaylor Chub Taylor sites/default/files/SpringJam ChubTaylor.mp3
Chub Taylor - WinterJam - Chub Taylor Chub Taylor sites/default/files/OctoHeart 2019.mp3
Chub Taylor - October Heart - Chub Taylor Chub Taylor sites/default/files/BatTekK 3_81 noted_jun20 20.mp3
Chub Taylor - BatTekk 3_81 noted Chub Taylor sites/default/files/BatDFun 08_28.mp3
Chub Taylor - Chub Taylor - BatDFun 08 2.8 Chub Taylor
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