CLOCKSTOCK - A Clockwork Orange Festival

Sat, 22/06/2019 - 11:00 - Sun, 23/06/2019 - 02:00

How do you prepare words that evoke such excitement, that wake you up at 3am in the still of night with a smile, that bare the dream’s, hopes and expectation’s of 25 and soon to be 26 years of Clockwork Orange. Well, here SHE is in all HER glory.

CLOCKSTOCK…. June 22nd 2019
Spread across 5 stages in the Glorious open air June sunshine at the exquisite venue of Chelmsford City Racecourse.
1.The Arena of Kings.
2.Clockwork (Terrace Party)
3.Olds Cool.
4. Nu Skool and Old skool Disco.
5. Newphoria.

(2 More headliners coming 1st December)

The very sound’s that underline Clockwork Orange.

VIP and Gold tickets ON SALE NOW of which 50% are ALREADY reserved.

General tickets are on sale on the 5th of January from

In the beginning there was Danny and Andy who had a groove, then came along this thing called Clockwork and the stakes where raised, then raised again and again and again, forever raising, forever improving, forever growing.
This is the gathering of ALL those who have journeyed with US on this journey of which can only be described as MAGICAL, the foundations of ALL that is Clockwork.

To YOU the ORANGE army we say JOIN US……………..xxxxxxxxx

Until the sun sets over the Chelmsford Racecourse and the Orange feast begin’s.

All OUR Love, Fist Bumps, High Fives, Cuddles and Knuckle’s…..Danny and Andy…..xx

Ode to the M25 Warehouse Rave’s of 89, Hazy crazy days of 88, Ibiza 89’s, Clockwork Ibiza 94 to 99 2012 to 2019 and all that WE Mind blowingly create these very day’s, so please raise your hand’s to the Blue skie’s and Orange globed sunny shine and Praise all that is Clockstock June 22nd 2019.

P.s After Party until 2am for the first 2000……….x

Chelmsford City Race Course
Venue Address: 
Chelmsford City Racecourse, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 1QP

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